Capsaicin – My minimum daily dose!

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Capsaicin, the main chemical found in Chile peppers that creates the sensation of heat. It is also an addiction of mine. I start off most days with a cup of coffee and eggs that I have seasoned heavily with either my chile blend or Habenero Ketchup with an After Death kicker. This combination of Capsaicin […]

Posing Dogs

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I love my dogs, that said, I find it frustrating to take their photos. While my wife and I are both fairly good at shooting individual dogs owned by others, our own dogs present more of a challenge to us. It isn’t due to their lack of obedience training, they have all been well trained […]

Light, Light, Light

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Photography is always about light! Light can be natural from stars (sun included here), or man made (fire included here). The source does not matter to either film or sensor. That said, understanding how different sources of light affect your camera’s ability to render an image is crucial to creating a good photograph. The main […]

Rollercoaster Life

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Last week ended on an upbeat, I sold a large image. Tuesday, I spent having needles poked in for both insertion of contrast solution for another test and blood work to check on the progress of my biggest headache. With dilated eyes, working on my website or images was impossible and the double vision that […]

I am Moving On

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I am now officially retired from my old career of Electronic Engineer. Although I enjoyed doing that work, stress and injuries made that line of work something that was not in my best interests at this time. Retirement now gives me the time and the freedom to pursue my other love, photography. Since I have […]