Facebook but not Facebook’s APP

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Facebook is a great way for photographers to interact with people. There are very few limits to the number of people that potentially can see your work. You can create a separate page for your business and offer some work for sale. Facebook ads can help you reach a targeted audience, and more. I enjoy […]

Travel, a Necessity or a Luxury

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Travel, it is one of the best things I have done with my life! To remain in one place stagnates one’s view of the world. The ability to travel is one of the things I consider a necessity rather than a luxury. A luxury is something that gives one prestige within one’s own mind and […]

Protection of Your lmages

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The best way to provide protection for your images is to make multiple copies stored in more than one location. The main reason for this is due to the simple fact that over time, you are very likely to experience a hard drive failure. When it happens, you stand a good chance of losing everything […]

Capsaicin – My minimum daily dose!

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Capsaicin, the main chemical found in Chile peppers that creates the sensation of heat. It is also an addiction of mine. I start off most days with a cup of coffee and eggs that I have seasoned heavily with either my chile blend or Habenero Ketchup with an After Death kicker. This combination of Capsaicin […]

Posing Dogs

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I love my dogs, that said, I find it frustrating to take their photos. While my wife and I are both fairly good at shooting individual dogs owned by others, our own dogs present more of a challenge to us. It isn’t due to their lack of obedience training, they have all been well trained […]