Creating Art to Fight Depression

For the past 6 months, I have been working hard on creating this website and some of the images that will be posted here. Working on art and the website has the added benefit of keeping me occupied for a significant part of the day. Without having my own work, I would probably be clinically depressed. Since leaving the workforce, I have had what some would describe as a life changing experience. I call it “wearing out of the body”.

The best way I found to cope with pain and depression is to stay busy with something you enjoy. For me it is creating photographic art and learning new things, creating this website was a learning experience. I also tend to work on my psychedelic images when I feel a bit depressed, as it brings me back to the era in which I was the most happy! Happiness is a state of mind we create for ourselves. I like to be happy, because the alternative is not good for getting along well with others.

Here are somephotographic art images that I tend to gravitate towards when I find myself starting to feel a bit on the low side, and, a few I created during my low times:

One thought on “Creating Art to Fight Depression

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