Muse vs Model how I see it

All the people that I consider muses have either modeled for me or I have had discussions with them that showed them to be wise far beyond their years. Not all models have a chance to become one of my muses. Out of 9 possible openings, I have only found 4 muses. Of the 4, 2 were models, one is a friend and one I married. Since I haven’t photographed any models for a few years, I utilize Facebook to see what my muses are up to. I am often inspired by their posts and comments. Here’s how a pair of models were able to become muses.

Since the Muses were goddesses of the arts, the best way to meet a muse is to partake in creation of art. I found that beauty by itself does not automatically create a Goddess out of a model. All the Greek Goddesses were smart as well as beautiful. Thus in order to become a muse one must be beautiful, articulate and very intelligent. The models that became muses, were both. I enjoyed conversations with them about a variety of things during the shoot and during the breaks. There were many models that could converse well about a very narrow range of things, but my muses were more generalized in their knowledge and had eyes that seemed to convey a deeper beauty which was Mesmerizing. As I get older, I find my muses retain a youthful appearance and have increased their communication skills.   

The model that understands how she can look her best in a photographic image and hits the correct pose every time is fairly common. When she is able to talk about hings unrelated to photography, there is a good chance she could become a Muse. When she is more knowledgeable than most of the people I know, able to converse in a manner that demonstrates the above and has eyes that pierce a man’s soul, you have found a Muse! She is a treasure far greater than most of us deserve!