Fine Art Photography

My photography has been primarily driven by my desire to enjoy and share my surroundings with those who have not or will not take part in the actual journey.  I tend to prefer to create color images as that is how I see the world. My work is a reflection of my vision. The images on this site are mostly the places and things I found most enjoyable to shoot. The various themes I tend to use for my own projects are;

  • Travel – trips can be any length to any location, I love seeing new places and meeting people. This genre often is the starting point for the other themes I choose to shoot.
  • Biological – Flora and Fauna of any size
  • Landscapes – Areas that are primarily in their natural state.
  • Cityscapes – Areas that are primarily dominated by architecture
  • Transportation – Various methods man uses to move himself and his things
  • Alien tourism – Little green men like to go places and see things as much as I do
  • Reflections – Mirrors, polished metal surfaces, high gloss and wet surfaces
  • Abstract – Surfaces, shapes, colors, that may or may not be identifiable often due to being a part of the macroworld
  • Psychedelic – Images that may or may not be identifiable due to having their colors shifted such that the entire scene resembles my idea of what an acid trip would be like

If requested, I am able to present workshops on the various techniques I use in Photoshop, Lightroom, effect lighting and other aspects of photography.

I hope you enjoy visiting my Photography Galleries.

Most of my Fine Art Photography is available for sale on my other site,