Alien Cruising

  Alien Cruising I like the idea of little green men traveling around the universe. I envision that they would see themselves much like a typical tourist here on Earth. Having seen many of the travelogues of friends, neighbors, colleagues, and relatives, I realized that these images although often done poorly, tend to be the […]


Reflections Reflections are one of my favorite things to shoot. Images that are not directly in front of the lens, preferably with a bit of distortion, pique my interest. Magic seems to occur when the scene is being bounced into the lens by a shiny surface. The reflection can be from a glass, metal, high […]


Psychedelic Photography I am very much a product of the late 1960’s. My venture into psychedelic photography began shortly after I started making color prints in my chemical darkroom. I had done monochrome solarizations and liked the effect, however, monochrome prints are tray processed and you can see and control the effect in the tray. […]

Classic Movie Posters Shot with Alien as Main Star

Classic Movie Posters Shot with Alien as Main Star One of my Alien projects is to recreate some classic movie posters using an alien as the lead character. This is an on going theme of mine and I amĀ  always looking for people to model for the minor roles as needed. Here are a few: […]