Capsaicin – My minimum daily dose!

Capsaicin, the main chemical found in Chile peppers that creates the sensation of heat. It is also an addiction of mine. I start off most days with a cup of coffee and eggs that I have seasoned heavily with either my chile blend or Habenero Ketchup with an After Death kicker. This combination of Capsaicin and Caffeine jump starts my heart and gets me ready for whatever the day throws at me. I noticed that the quantity of my blend and the amount of After Death I consume has increased dramatically after my bouts with pneumonia!

I generally eat 2 meals per day. At least one of them will have a large portion of capsaicin within it, most of the time both do. The reason I consume so much capsaicin is twofold, capsaicin clears my sinus cavities and I enjoy the endorphin rush it brings on. In order to be sure I have capsaicin on hand for a meal, I keep a small prescription bottle filled with my favorite blend of chiles with me at all times. 

I like capsaicin so much, that I have incorporated it into some of my favorite desserts! I make a Chile Chocolate Cake that others have one of 2 reactions, Love it or Hate it! There is never an in between reaction or someone that needs a second piece in order to make up their mind. The same is true of my Habanero Apple Pie! An apple pie that most people would prefer to have served a la mode! I have toyed with the idea of offering these and other baked desserts for sale for local pick up, if you are interested in trying them, contact me! 

My guess is that I consume at least 500 milligrams worth of capsaicin every day! I don’t want to go more than 24 hours without it! I enjoy my capsaicin addiction! My addiction enabled me to easily take on and succeed in winning the Paqui One Chip Challenge (a single tortilla chip covered in Carolina Reaper dust that must be consumed as is with no beverage to wash it down until at least 5 minutes have gone by!