Music – My Generation

Although I was born in 1953,my taste in music doesn’t match many of my peers. My musical taste is highly dependent upon my mood, stress level, and whether my wife is going to be listening. I can listen to anything she likes, but she doesn’t like all the genres I enjoy, so as a courtesy to her I let her select music when she is around. I’ve been big fan of music parody and oddball songs ever since I first heard my mother’s old 78 recordings of Spike Jones and Stan Freberg. As I got older I was introduced to classical, jazz, country, bluegrass, folk and eventually to early rock and roll. My mother bought a player piano and later an organ, but due to a number of broken fingers I didn’t learn to play either one in other than a very rudimentary way (in other words, my playing was so awful I was asked to stop). About the only genres of music I didn’t get to hear very often were opera and gospel. When I hit high school, my musical variety was lessened somewhat due to the material that was being broadcast on the AM radio. The stations I listened to the most played the pop music of the day. One day being utterly bored with the AM band and having recently bought a dual band radio, I switched the radio to FM. It was on FM radio that introduced me to Frank Zappa, Jimi Hendrix, The Grateful Dead, the Who, the Allman Brothers and many other artists. As I write this, I’ve been listening to selected 78 recordings found at this site https://archive.org/details/georgeblood. Some of them are the same tunes I first heard as a child. Here’s one of my favorites¬†https://archive.org/details/78_when-yuba-plays-the-rhumba-on-the-tuba_spike-jones-and-his-other-orchestra-joe-cou_gbia0005964b. I hope you enjoy the site and my selection!