Vinyl to CD or Your Own Phone’s Music Library

If you have a collection of vinyl music whether they’re 45 singles of 33 1/3 albums, you have some high end items that should be treasured! As vinyl recordings suffer a minor amount of deterioration each time they are played, why not create your own digital renditions of these wonderful pieces of history. Why buy the same recordings you already have for your phone? It isn’t difficult to put your favorite songs into your playlist directly from their vinyl source. I also thank you for supporting the musician’s that created those valuable vinyl renditions of their music!

I am equipped with a turntable with a high quality stylus and cartridge and software that can convert the recordings to a format that can be used with any digital music player. I also have the correct cabling to place the music directly into your phone’s library. My fee is very reasonable, about half of that charged by Itunes.

  • Vinyl to CD
  • Vinyl to Phone Library
  • Vinyl to both

Same rate applies for all of the above $0.35 per song, If you want to sit through the recording session there will be a $5.00 sitting fee. Otherwise the recording will be done within a 2 day period for your pick up.

I’ve been recording my own vinyl albums for some time now. I started doing that first with reel to reel audio tape, then cassette and finally digital. I haven’t had to risk lousing up the quality of the vinyl, as the albums are only being played while being recorded.