Travel, a Necessity or a Luxury

Travel, it is one of the best things I have done with my life! To remain in one place stagnates one’s view of the world. The ability to travel is one of the things I consider a necessity rather than a luxury. A luxury is something that gives one prestige within one’s own mind and is primarily used to impress others. Travel on the other hand gives one an insight to other places and things that expand your mind and tales of your travels can enrich the lives of others. With this said, here is how I view travel and travel photography.

Photography has been a part of my life since I got my first camera using 10 Cheerios box tops and $10.00 back in 1962. I shot mostly family images and wasted a lot of film trying to get a camera with a fixed focal length lens, fixed shutter speed and a fixed f/stop to do things it simply wasn’t designed for. In 1967 I bought a much better camera (still only a fixed focal length lens) and I was taught to develop film by Mr. Angelotti. That significantly changed my style of shooting and I no longer limited myself to family photos. I now had the ability to shoot and process my own film which in turn made me realize that the camera, regardless of the cost paid, was the least expensive part of photography. I could easily spend more on film in a year than the cost of my camera equipment. I enjoyed doing sports photography while in school, Bicycle, Motorcycle, Indy car, and Nascar racing were my favorite things to shoot. That required me to get out of my local area and visit other places. Those travels, got me interested in many other things, caves, rivers, mountains, etc. 

As I got older, I got more interested in the places I was going to and my photography adapted to the change. My favorite sport to photograph was also my second favorite sport to participate in, white water rafting and kayaking (my favorite, I was playing volleyball in a coed industrial league until age 42 and only stopped that after getting hit by a car which destroyed my ACL).  I also started talking to people in those places and discovered that local politics aside, most people are more similar to each other than they are different. At first, I traveled primarily in the US. After visiting most of the states, I ventured into travel in Europe. I found the adventure and lure of travel was almost more rewarding than taking photographs.

From June of 2017, I have been grounded by my doctors. It is during this time, while being treated to prevent further loss of eyesight, that I realized that a good part of the depression I have been feeling comes from not getting away from the local scene. A sedentary life similar to most mollusks is clearly detrimental to my mental stability. I see the end of my travel limitations being lifted in the near future, and I am looking forward to that! I will resume travel photography and soon more images will follow.